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Vidmate APK is a 101% safe all-in-one video entertainment app. This file is scanned many times and it is free from all security hazards. You can download Vidmate App and enjoy video entertainment without any security risks for your device.

App NameVidmate APK
VersionLatest Version
File Size23.1 MB
Total Downloads10M+
FeaturesVideo Downloads
Last update2 hours ago

About Vidmat Apk

One of the most recognizable Smartphone apps in a field that is always changing is Vidmate Mod Apk. This adaptable app maintains its position as a top pick for users worldwide by effectively meeting the growing demand for multimedia content worldwide. Vidmate APK provides a universally appealing solution, responding to individuals who have different preferences in digital content, be they interested music fans, cinema buffs, or just regular people.

One of the best apps for downloading videos, music, movies, and other content from streaming services like Daily motion, Vevo, YouTube, and many more is Vidmate mod APK. Take advantage of the free HD downloads for your Smartphone. You can get APKs that are completely customized and virus-free from our website.Its background video download function is its most significant feature. You can view another interesting video in the meantime. It lets you download multiple files simultaneously and allows you to stop and restart the download process.


Features of Vidmate Apk

Download high quality videos

You can rely on Vidmate for downloading videos in high definition at no cost. It includes every movie released worldwide. Without any hesitation, you can download videos from Daily motion, Netflix, Hollywood, Bollywood, and many more platforms in all languages. Additionally, you have access to the trailers for soon-to-be-released films and television shows.

Personal Internet Access

You are able to privately browse data with this application. It safeguards you from cookies and third parties while maintaining your privacy. You can control data while browsing and experience less interruption from other websites with this feature.

Excellent Music Video

This application allows you to download songs in addition to movies. You can look up any kind of music from anywhere in the world using the integrated browser. This application allows you to download music content directly that is not available through other streaming channels. In addition to supporting 500,000 excellent songs, you can also download music in audio format.

Live TV Channels and TV Series

The ability to download TV shows from various TV channels, such as Sony, Colours V, Star Plus, Stat World, etc., is one of Vidmate outstanding features. Fans of cricket can watch live matches and view highlights of their preferred sport. With just one tap, you can access music, fashion, film, drama, and over 200 live TV channels, among many other live content categories.

Utilize Manager Download

The download manager will help you in having a seamless and simple downloading experience. It allows them to place the file at the destination and manage it from the internet. vidmate will provide an amazing download experience. it has full functionality and can stop, restart, and stop a video from downloading if something goes wrong.

Modify Video

With the Vidmate App application, users can download videos in various resolutions and save them in various quality levels, ranging from 480p to 4K. Additionally, videos can be saved in MP3 and MP4 formats.

Individual Folders

Vidmate gives its users more space because it respects their privacy. A password-protected folder that Vidmate Mod APK offers lets you store the downloaded file privately. That folder will only be accessible to you. Thus, you are welcome to download any movie or song and store it in your preferred folders.

Install Apps

You can look for and install the desired app from the browser using Vidmate built-in browsing feature. It also provides you with recommendations for well-known apps available on the market. It is a type of one-on-one help that aims to simplify your life.

Save Videos on Your Phone and SD Card

The application enables you to store a recording in your gallery or SD card after downloading a particular video. You can create a distinct SD card folder to hold all of your Vidmate files. And can easily download the content like audio or video in your SD card and mobile phone storage.

Bookmark Your Favorite Website

You can add a bookmark to your preferred website to help you avoid doing repetitive searches. You just need to click on the saved link to the website to get there quickly and enjoy your experience.

Supports more than 1000 Websites

No download limit and no cost

Vidmate, in contrast to other video downloader’s, allows users to download audio files and videos from any website without any restrictions. As many videos as you like can be downloaded. Furthermore, using it is totally free and doesn’t require a subscription.

How to Install the contents from this app?

Don’t worry if you’re new to Vidmate and have no idea how to download videos. It’s very simple. You won’t have any trouble downloading your preferred videos if you just follow these instructions.

  1. Download Vidmate APK first, install it, and then launch it.
  2. Enter the URL of the website containing the video in the Search bar located at the top of the home screen.
  3. Play the video on the website now.
  4. A large download button will then appear at the bottom of the screen in Vidmate. Touch on it. It will present a menu of choices.
  5. Choose the video quality to download the video, or the audio quality option to download the audio only, from the available options.
  6. After choosing, press the “Download” button. Completed. The video will begin downloading.
  7. Wait for the download to be completed. After that, the file is located in the Vidmate Download folder.


Q1:What is Vidmate MOD APK?

The premium, ad-free version of the official Vidmate app is called Vidmate MOD APK.

Q2:Why is Vidmate not available in the Google Play Store for download?

The Play Store does not have it because of a Google policy. But there’s no reason for concern. It’s entirely safe and secure. You can get it from the official Vidmate app website.

Q3:Is Vidmate unsecure?

No, Vidmate is an app that over a million people use that is completely safe and secure. Additionally, security has been confirmed. McAfee, CM Security.

Q4:How can I use Vidmate for free without ads?

You must use the premium version of the Vidmate app, which we have provided here, in order to use it without any advertisements.


Vidmate APK is an outstanding all-in-one solution in a digital world where multimedia content is king. Its vast content library, excellent downloads, and customized content suggestions are meant to improve your online experience. Regardless of your preference for music or movies, Vidmate APK Download has you covered and guarantees that fun is just a few taps away. With all of its endless possibilities, this amazing application makes it simple to redefine your multimedia experience.